Life-Changing Connections

Connecting those without the gift of internet

No One Should Be Disconnected

We believe in an Australia where every family has access to the internet

At Start, we believe every Aussie kid should have the opportunity to do their online homework. Every parent should be able to look for jobs online. We believe in a level playing field.

That's why we created the Life-Changing Connections Program, to get disadvantaged Aussie families online and help them bring their connection to life.

Why It Is Important?

It is all about levelling the playing field

As the internet is increasingly becoming an integral part of everyday life, disconnection impacts employment, social interaction, access to services, information, education and digital literacy.

Lack of access is strongly correlated to low income, disability and long-term unemployment. Without this connection, it is unlikely that these families will ever break the poverty cycle.

This one simple connection opens up a whole new world of opportunity:

  • Communication and social inclusion
  • Employment opportunities
  • Education and training opportunities
  • Access to online services such as banking, government information and health care
  • Access to news and current affairs
  • Access to nutritional information and services
  • Ease of information via search engines
  • Visibility of public transport services and timetables

How Can You Help?

It's never been simpler...

Join Start and enjoy brilliant broadband and surf happily in the knowledge that you’re making a difference.

Start Broadband is social enterprise committed to directing a share of every bill towards connecting families in need, so as more customers join, together we can make a bigger impact.

This Is The Difference It Makes...

Meet one of our Life-Changing Connections families

Sarah looks after her 13-year-old daughter in regional Victoria, having moved from the Greater Melbourne area to create a fresh start.

When asked how the Life Changing Connections program is helping her household, Sarah. replied, "I can’t live without it!"

Her daughter uses the connection daily to complete online homework and stay in touch with friends. Every day she can continue developing her online skills, setting her up for a bright future.

For her own development, Sarah has commenced a Certificate IV in Disability to help make a positive difference in her community.

Overall, Sarah says the Life Changing Connections program has significantly assisted with her own education and development, and most importantly, that of her daughter.

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