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Together, we’ve delivered over 23,603 days of free internet...

To help disadvantaged Aussie familes get online. This is just the start!

Life Changing Connections

Every connection has a story

4 in 10 of Australia's lowest income families are living without the internet

We're making a start by connecting those without the gift of internet.

ABS statistics show that only 57% of households with an income lower than $40,000 have a broadband connection. This compares to 97% with an income higher than $120,000. Without a broadband connection, it is likely that these digitally excluded households will remain in a position of profound financial and social disadvantage.

We are helping to connect those currently living without Internet and this one simple connection opens up a whole new world of opportunity and quality of life.

The best bit? As a customer you don’t need to do a thing. Just enjoy super fast, reliable broadband happily in the knowledge you’re making a difference.

Connecting Disadvantaged Aussies

We believe every Australian household deserves access to a home internet connection

Equal access to education

Giving Aussie kids the same opportunities as their classmates

Employment opportunity

Opening doors by enabling job search at home

Access to services

Facilitating access to the many crucial services offered online

Social inclusion

Ensuring connectedness to online communication and news updates

Improving digital literacy

Helping every Aussie family build their online skills

A level playing field

Giving every Aussie family and child the opportunity to succeed

The Gift of the Internet

So what does a home internet connection actually mean...?

Meet Kathy, one of our Life-Changing Connections beneficiaries and overall superwoman!

Despite raising five wonderful children, using her spare time to volunteer in an aged care home and being fluent in four languages, securing paid work has been a challenge, and as a result, so has providing internet at home to help her children study.

Thanks to Start customers, we have been able to provide her home internet connection!

Her children can now complete online study and research at home, while Kathy no longer has to spend two hours a day with them at the local library to help them keep pace with their peers.

Join Us in Making a Difference

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