Phone Line Connection Cost

Depending on what is already connected at your address there may be a cost with setting up your Home Phone Line connection. These charges are determined by Telstra and are passed through at cost.

Transfer existing line – $0

Where an existing active line can be transferred to Start. This typically applies to lines currently with Telstra.

Standard connection – $59

Where a physical line with a dial tone exists but the line is inactive.

Technician connection – $125

Typically for premises with an existing socket and line but no dial tone, where technician work is required to complete the connection.

New Home Phone line connection – $299

Typically for new homes where a completely new line or cabling work is required, or for homes where a second line is needed.

If any non-standard work is required, there may be additional setup charges, you will be advised by the technician if this is the case. This includes cabling past the first socket or network boundary point, trenching or more difficult installations.

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