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Our Start Support Experts are here to help for any problem, big or small. Getting in touch is easy, you can call us Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 6pm EST on 1300 475 155, or send us an email at

Don’t forget you can fix most problems pretty quickly by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Multi-factor Authentication

We’re introducing multi-factor authentication to help keep your Start account secure.

Multi-factor authentication involves the use of two or more proofs of identity before granting access to important services on your account. This may include having a One-Time-Passcode sent to a mobile number associated with your account. We do this to help protect you against the risk of identity theft and fraud.

If you suspect your Start service or account has been subject to fraud please report this to your financial services provider and us. The best method to inform us is by phone at 1300 475 155, or send us an email at

To learn more about scams, fraud and identity theft or if you suspect you are a victim we recommend visiting Scamwatch and IDCARE for additional information and advice.

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Well, we haven’t been here before. Sounds kinda exotic.

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