Customer Mission

The Start Customer Mission is all about our commitment to give our customers a dazzling experience every time you need us.

1. Make it brilliant

We deliver brilliant broadband and back you up with an expert support team. We stay on top of all the nerdy stuff so you don’t have to.

2. We care

When you get in touch with us, we care about the outcome. That means trying our best to get things sorted… as quickly as we possibly can… every time.

3. Simple is beautiful

Everything super simple. All the way from choosing a plan, to getting set-up and getting help from us when you need it. We ditch the technobabble, who needs it anyway…

4. Connecting Disadvantaged Aussies

We direct a share of every customer bill towards funding a home internet connection for disadvantaged Aussie families. You can surf and chat happily in the knowledge you’re making a difference.

Check out the great things happening in our Life Changing Connections Program here.