Make calls from the cloud. Cloud nine, that is.

A Start Cloud Phone System allows you to link a single number to your desk phone, mobile and computer. Better for you. Better for customers. Better for the community. Just all ‘round better-er.

How does it work?

In a word: magic. Calls are made using the miraculous cloud, which enables a virtual receptionist, menu options, sequential ringing, call recording and changes at the push of a button. What’s more, your cloud system will be ready to go as soon as it arrives at your door.

See, magic.

Your business can make a difference

We donate a share of every single bill to help Aussies living without internet get online. You’ll literally be our favourite person for watching squirrels water-ski on your lunch break.

Why choose a Start Cloud Phone System?

Better for your customers

They’ll get their call directed to the right place, sooner (and of course, you’ll ace that first impression).

Better for productivity

With call hunt groups, queues and voicemail, there’s less time chasing up calls and more time getting stuff done.


Enjoy a professional greeting to direct your calls. And this receptionist doesn’t even need a lunch break.

One number, all your devices

With our cloud phone system, it’s easy for you to work anywhere, at any time

Fixed handset

Mobile app

Desktop app

Smiles on dials

Wow, what a service! With my business moving online I had to urgently upgrade my internet so that I wasn't lagging on my zoom calls. Start were AMAZING. Everything was so professional, quick and efficient!
- Katija Burcul

Handset options to suit every business





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