This is the start of something bigger

We’re Start Broadband, a telecommunications provider who believes every Australian deserves access to the internet.

And we tick all the boxes of what a broadband company should be: simple, fast and reliable (because time is precious when there are so many cat videos to watch).

But we decided to take it one step further. We created a local, people-first approach and vowed away from lock-in contracts.

But we haven’t even told you the best bit. We donate a share of every single bill to fund home internet connections for low-income Aussie families currently living without a connection. It’s all part of our bigger plan to close the digital gap.

How we got here

Alright, you caught us. We used to work for the big broadband names. You know, the land of the corporates.

Nothing against these folks, though. Plus, it’s what allowed us to notice two key issues in the industry that we otherwise wouldn’t have. Access and Simplicity.


Working for the big names, we kept coming across customers who couldn’t afford the internet. And not just our internet – but any internet. This wasn’t such an issue back in the days of screeeeeeching dial up when the internet was a luxury.

But today, around 2 million Australian’s still don’t have regular access to the internet. And as technology progresses and we become increasingly reliant, this gap is only getting wider.

So at Start, we want to connect the unconnected. Today, we donate a percentage of every single bill to help low-income Aussies get online.


In corporate land, we also found the broadband process far more complicated than it needed to be. In today’s digital world, connection should be seamless.

So that’s what we did. Simply sign up with Start and your very own dedicated account manager will help make sure you’re smoothly and swiftly connected to the world wide web.

Smiles on dials

Great service, even better ethos. We switched to Start Broadband for their data and speed, but were won over by their social enterprise factor.
- Tessa Carroll

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